Case Study: Hurst Green Plastics

Lancashire based approved fabricators Rossendale Plastics recently completed an eye-catching project at the prestigious Farnborough International Air Show. Working in partnership with long term special partners Hurst Green Plastics, the Rossendale stand made use of illuminated Perspex® acrylic and lightweight PVC Foam within the practical design.

With attendees from over 75 countries, the show is used by Hurst Green to demonstrate their storage solutions for the aerospace industry including their TwinBin systems using Pet-g lids fabricated by Rossendale Plastics.

Perspex® opal 040 was illuminated to create eye-catching lightboxes highlighting the key product benefits. The stand design made use of our Palight Grey PVC Foam on the large canopy to produce a lightweight yet rigid structure. The plinths also made use of grey Palight whilst acrylic mirror is used to add to the aesthetics of the backing panels.

We made the canopy out of 8mm and 3mm foam, from which the plinths are made from 5mm grey foam. The light boxes made from 040 p/x and 5mm grey p/x, P/x Mirror also used for backing panels. We work in partnership with Hurst Green on all there Projects and make special size twin bins for them , clear lids in Kit box Lids 4mm petg. We class ourselves as special partner with Hurst Green to compliment there standard injection molded items.